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Most people realize the lack of English in their lives only when the need is before them. But this is not the case for the customers of Santa Catarina Rockefeller. In fact, Rockfeller is an award-winning brand in its segment in Brazil along with its more than 60 franchisees in major Brazilian states. Rockfeller teaches English and Spanish to young people, executives and children.

The Challenge

Rockfeller teaches English in a different way, focused on presenting and empowering its students so that they can speak, understand and share their ideas in English in the same way they would in Portuguese. The school has grown a lot since 2006 when it opened its first franchise. Today, the company has over 40 units spread throughout the Brazilian territory.

The challenge facing Rockfeller was to allow all its 40 units to have a marketing that represented the same brand, respecting the regional marketing demands of each franchised school. It was not enough just to absolve these customizations at headquarters, as this would be a bottleneck in the marketing process.

The Solution

The digital asset management software – Deskfy – allows Rockfeller to share brand templates with its franchised schools in a customizable way for each store automatically, besides offering the company a better control over which brand arts are being used.

The choice of marketing piece, with specification for each course, is not only for practical reasons, but becomes an integrated part of the school segmented marketing strategy.

“As a designer at Rock, I can say that it is very easy and fast to make a template with the visual identity patterns of the brand in Deskfy. We can insert fonts, images, colors, icons, all with the brand’s patterns. The choice of having a tool where the franchisees could have that freedom in creation, in the beginning was very worrying, because we didn’t know if the franchisees would make the correct use of the brand, but the tool is amazing in that sense, we managed everything and instructed how to use the brand correctly”. – Manuela Rosito, Designer at Rockfeller Brasil

With this strategic thought, to help the franchisee in terms of marketing, the Rockfeller won the classification of 05 stars – “The best franchises in Brazil” according to PEGN, and also won the Award of ABF 2019 (Brazilian Franchising Association) for the 6th consecutive year. With this level of teaching quality, students seek the Rockfeller not only to learn a new language, but also as a big step in their professional careers.

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Distribution of brand materials

Rockfeller organizes Deskfy using the nominations of its materials (taxonomy) based on products, which is known by all users. This function makes the experience easier for the franchisees at the moment they use the marketing material, since it shows the most suitable material for that specific need. This makes the user make smarter decisions about what materials to use to promote their school.

According to Manuela, before Deskfy parts were made available through another management platform, but not all formats were made available, because the old tool didn’t support some formats and also didn’t have the possibility to make some parts available for customization, for lack of limitation. Today, Deskfy allows the availability of any marketing material for the franchisees. With the new tool, Rockfeller is able to implement a new brand standardization process and speeds up the communication with the franchised network.

One of the main advantages of Deskfy is that the arts can be located according to your needs, such as: campaigns, printed materials and digital materials, so that users do not need to spend time searching for the material they need. Deskfy allows users to think in terms of “what” instead of “where”.

Franchisee’s autonomy

With Deskfy, we were able to help Rockfeller to have a larger scale of results in the customization of your templates. Today, the franchise schools have a trousseau of templates that can be customized in the tool, so that it maintains the consistency of the brand and meets the need of the local campaign of the franchisee.

“(The Deskfy) Serves more than 40 units with total security and ease in the customization and preparation of templates. With this, the number of briefings requested for the design team has been greatly reduced. We were able to dedicate much more time to internal campaigns and leave the rest with Deskfy, because it handles it all. It exceeded our expectations, making our day to day much more productive”. – Rockfeller Marketing Team Brazil 

According to Manuela, before Deskfy the customization tool hardly existed, it was very limited and the franchisees didn’t have total freedom in creating templates. Nowadays, there are custom made templates such as: partnership arts, birthday arts of the month, badges, business cards, certificates and others. In addition, she comments on the assistance she has with Deskfy.

“Deskfy assistance is really great, the team is always up to date with changes, digital market trends and super available – both for the franchisor and the franchisee assistance. My days are not the same if I don’t say good morning to the Deskfy team”. – Manuela Rosito 

Objectives and plans

Rockfeller has been a client of Deskfy since the beginning of 2019. The company is studying ways in which marketing materials can make its system even more useful.

“The new consumer is increasingly asking for clearer and faster communication! Deskfy helps communication management a lot. We at Rockfeller Language Center are very satisfied. With the new tool we were able to implement our new brand standardization process and speed up the communication for our franchised network”. – Yuri Beltramin, Marketing Manager Rockfeller Brazil

Results that Rockfeller got using Deskfy:

– Average of 10 art downloads per user;

– 62 new templates on the tool in the last month;

– 13 minutes average approval time;

– 18 releases created in the last month;

– 94% of the Rockfeller users access Deskfy weekly;

– Average of 66% read rate of reports in the tool.

According to Manuela, today Deskfy is the official channel for Rockfeller’s marketing requests and is an essential tool for the industry, as it is a management, distribution and customization platform for “super modern, intuitive and mega flexible” marketing materials.

“It was really a very important tool and it changed the marketing area of Rockfeller a lot. We are very pleased to have them as partners and I know we will use and abuse a lot of what these “guys” have to offer us”. – Rockfeller Marketing Team Brazil

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